License Eligibility Criteria:

When your driver reaches the age of 15, they may enroll in a drivers education course at Straight Paths Driving School.  You can sign up here.  Once you sign up you will be contacted by Straight Paths Driving School within a few days to set up a meeting for you to obtain the necessary paperwork and everything you need to proceed to the BMV and receive your permit.  The cost of the course is $375 which can be paid by cash or check. The fee includes the required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training and 30 hours of either online instruction or traditional classroom training.  The fee is usually collected when you meet to obtain the paperwork.  Traditional class is held in July and online is available year round.  We also drive year round.

When getting your permit at the BMV, you will need to provide:

  • One document proving your identity (birth certificate or passport)
  • One document proving your SSN.
  • One document providing your lawful status in the United States.
  • Two documents proving your Indiana residency.  
  • C.D.E. form (Certificate of Drivers Education).  Straight Paths Driving School will provide this document for you to take to the licence branch.
  • Pass the learners permit test

More information on what documents qualify:  BMV Secure ID Documents

For a list of permit/licence restrictions click here

Before receiving their learners permit, each driver will be required to take a written test at the BMV. The Indiana Drivers Manual can be found here or you can pick up a copy at your local BMV.  The drivers manual is a great tool for studying to pass the permit test.  There are also several practice tests available online.  Click here to access the practice tests.

After you have completed drivers education at Straight Paths Driving School, in order to get your probationary drivers license, you will need to take a driving test either through Straight Paths Driving School or through the BMV.  Straight Paths is state certified to give tests. Advantages of taking it at the Straight Paths Driving School are, your student is familiar with the car, the car doesn’t need to be inspected (Straight Paths Driving School provides) and the student is familiar with their driver instructor(s). There is an additional charge of $30 for the drive test.

Phone: 765-401-6831
Email: spdsdriversed@yahoo.com